Chen Luo

Ph.D. Student
George R.Brown School of Engineering
Department of Computer Science, Rice University

Email: cl67 (at) rice (dot) edu


Hi, my name is Chen Luo. I am a Ph.D student in Department of Computer Science, Rice University. I received my M.Phil. and B.S degrees both from the Department of Computer Science, Jilin University.


I am working on intersaction of learning and data. My research goal is to design scalable, sustanable, and secure machine learning algorithms for massive data sets. I am particularly interested in the problem of how to enable computing machines to handle "big data", especially time series data and social network data.

Publications Google Scholar Citation

* Indicate Equal Contribution
  1. Chen Luo*, J. Jose Gonzalez E.*, Anshumali Shrivastava, Krishna Palem, Yongshik Moon, Soonhyun Noh, Daedong Park, Seongsoo Hong, "Location Detection for Navigation using IMUS With a Map Through Coarse-Grained Machine Learning" In: Proc. 2017 Design, Automation and Testing in Europe (DATE'17), Swisstech, Lausanne, Switzerland, March. 2017.

  2. Chen Luo and Anshumail Shirivastava, ""SSH (Sketch, Shingle, & Hash) for Indexing Massive-Scale Time Series" Accepted by Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR'17) [CORR abs/1610.07328]

  3. Yongshik Moon*, Soonhyun Noh*, Daedong Park*, Chen Luo*, Anshumail Shirivastava, Seongsoo Hong, and Krishna Palem, "CaPSuLe: Camera Based Positioning System Using Learning" In: Proc. of international IEEE System-on-Chip Conference (SoCC'16), Seattle, WA, USA September. 2016. [Preprint Version] (* indicate equal contribution) (Featured on The Network Times, The ACM Technews, The Futurity)

  4. Chen Luo, Wei Pang, Zhe Wang, and Chenghua Lin "Hete-CF: Social-Based Collaborative Filtering Recommendation using Heterogeneous Relations" In: Proc. 2014 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM'14), Shen Zheng, China, December. 2014. (CORR abs/1412.7610) [Preprint Version] [Slides]

  5. Chen Luo, Jian-Guang Lou, Qingwei Lin, Qiang Fu, Rui Ding, Dongmei Zhang, and Zhe Wang "Correlating Events with Time Series for Incident Diagnosis" In: Proc. 2014 ACM SIGKDD Int. Conf. on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD'14), New York, NY, Aug. 2014. [Preprint Version]

  6. Chen Luo, Renchu Guan, Zhe Wang, and Chenghua Lin " HetPathMine: A Novel Transductive Classification Algorithm on Heterogeneous Information Networks" In: Proc. of the 36th European Conference on Information Retrieval. (ECIR'14), Amsterdam, Metherlands. April, 2014

  7. Chen Luo, Wei Pang, and Zhe Wang, "Semi-supervised clustering on Heterogeneous Information Networks" In: Proc. of the 18th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (PAKDD'14), Tainan, Taiwan, May, 2014

External Experience

Nov. 2013 - Dec. 2014 Research Intern
Software Analysis Group, Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing, China
Feb. - May 2012 Development Intern
MIUI SHELL Group, Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing, China
June - Aug. 2011 Summer Intern
QA Department, Beijing Weibo Internet Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing, China

Selected Award

2015 Wang Xianghao Scholarship *The highest honor in Conputer Science of Jilin University
2015 National Graduate Scholarship *The highest honor for graduate students in China
2015 Suzhou Industrial Park Scholarship
2013 - 2014 Outstanding Graduate Student
2008 - 2011 Outstanding Undergraduate Student


With more than 8 years' programming experiences, including those in Microsoft, Sina and Xiaomi, and the still ongoing Ph.D education, I am super interested in pushing things looking impossible to the reality, thus bring values to the users and profits to the company. As a Ph.D student, I'm learning how to choose "good" topics and how to tackle very hard problems with fast learning and experiment-supported logics, while also being able to use 10+ programming languages/platforms to actually get things done.

*Last updated on Sep. 2016.