Chen Luo

Ph.D. Student
George R.Brown School of Engineering
Department of Computer Science, Rice University

Email: cl67 (at) rice (dot) edu

3109 Duncal Hall, 6100 Main St., MS 132
Houston TX 77005-1892



Hey, my name is Chen Luo, a Ph.D. student at Rice, working with Anshumali Shrivastava. Before comming to Rice, I was a master student in Key Laboratory of Symbolic Computation and Knowledge Engineering, Jilin University. I recieved my B.S degree from the Department of Computer Science, Jilin University.


I am mainly working on the intersection of learning and data. My research goal is to design scalable, sustainable, and secure machine learning algorithms for massive data sets.

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    Featured on The NY Times, The ACM Technews, The Futurity

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